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Novel Animals offers trained animals for film and movie productions. They needed a dynamic and visually appealing website to showcase their diverse animal talent, highlight their training capabilities, and simplify booking inquiries.

Novel Animals Trained Animal Talent for Film

Novel Animals is the premier provider of trained animal talent for film productions across New Mexico, Utah, Texas, Louisiana, and Georgia. With extensive experience and a broad network, the company excels at coordinating animals for action in productions of any scale. Their professional trainers are well-equipped to ensure that animal talent meets the dynamic needs of film sets, providing both safety and spectacular performances. This expertise makes Novel Animals a go-to resource for filmmakers seeking to enrich their projects with trained animals.

Trained On-Set Animal Talent
Tamara Brock
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Tamara found our Long Island web design company through our acclaimed work with Las Vegas Movie Animals, which showcased our ability to create visually compelling and highly functional websites.

During our initial discovery call, Tamara expressed a clear vision for her website; she wanted it to stand out as special and unique within her industry. Instead of settling for standard headshot-style photos of animals, she aimed to create a narrative feel, weaving a story through the visual elements. Tamara envisioned a cinematic and professional website that would not only showcase the talents but also capture the essence and atmosphere of film production. Moreover, she emphasized the importance of the website being optimized for organic traffic, while maintaining simplicity, ease of navigation, and a professional appearance to ensure a user-friendly experience for visitors.


Designing a unique and cinematic website for Novel Animals: Embracing a dark theme to tell the story behind the scenes.

Our goal in designing the Novel Animals website was clear: to create a website with a dark, cinematic theme that fully embraced the stylistic nuances of film production. We were determined to encapsulate the cinematic style not just through the content, but in every aspect—from the color grading of images to the overall look and feel. We aimed to craft a chic and modern website that not only resonated with the current trends within the industry but also set itself apart by offering a unique, behind-the-scenes look. This approach allowed us to share Tamara’s story and the vision behind her company, providing a deeper connection with the site visitors and a richer narrative feel.

new website design for novel animals showing off their newly built website.
The Build

We built the Novel Animals website using WordPress to leverage its flexibility and robustness. Our objective was to infuse the site with a cinematic essence that goes beyond traditional design paradigms.

To achieve this, we created custom-style movie posters using images from Novel Animals’ extensive portfolio, ensuring that each element contributed to the overall visual impact and thematic consistency.

Collaborating closely with Tamara, we crafted the site’s copy to include technical, industry-specific terms that not only reflect her expertise but also resonate with professionals in the film production industry. This strategic use of language was designed to communicate the depth of her experience and the professionalism of her services immediately upon visiting the site.

The structure of the website was conceptualized to showcase what Novel Animals does through vivid imagery and interactive elements, rather than relying heavily on text. Our design aimed to transport users into the on-set experience, providing a clear and immersive view of the company’s work environment and the animals in action. This visual storytelling approach ensures that the website not only informs but also engages and impresses potential clients.

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Launching success with Novel Animals' new website: transforming their digital presence and SEO strategy.

The completed website for Novel Animals not only meets but exceeds aesthetic expectations, fully capturing the cinematic vision that Tamara envisioned. It’s designed to be SEO-friendly, with specific targeting for direct locations where Novel Animals aims to enhance its online presence. The strategic use of location-based keywords ensures the site ranks well in regions critical to Tamara’s business goals.

Tamara’s initial vision was brought to life exactly as she imagined, achieving a standout professional look that differentiates her services in the competitive animal talent industry. The website ticks all the boxes: visually impressive, technically sound, and strategically optimized for search engines.

As the website continues to evolve, our commitment to maintaining and enhancing its SEO performance remains firm. Novel Animals is enrolled in our month-to-month SEO plan, which includes regular updates and optimizations to keep pace with changing algorithms and market dynamics. This proactive approach ensures the site remains a dynamic and effective tool for attracting business.

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screenshot of novel animals website design built with wordpress CMS.
image of Tamara at Novel Animals.
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