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We developed a professionally designed website for Explore Pediatric Therapy, embodying their legitimacy and unwavering dedication within the industry.

Explore Pediatric Therapy - Website Redesign

Explore Pediatric Therapy is the premier pediatric outdoor therapy specialist in South Shore, Massachusetts. They are renowned for their innovative approach, specializing in play-based and holistic therapies conducted outdoors. This unique setting is particularly beneficial for children who face social, emotional, motor, or sensory challenges. With a team of certified professionals, Explore Pediatric Therapy offers a variety of services designed to support children’s development and well-being in a nurturing and natural environment. Their commitment to excellence and comprehensive care makes them a leader in pediatric therapy in the region.

Nature-Based Occupational Therapy
Kimberly DeLaura
new website design for explore pediatric therapy.

Kim discovered our portfolio while searching for a new website designer for Explore Pediatric Therapy and felt our style would be an ideal fit for her needs.

During her quest to enhance her company’s online presence, Kim, the leader of Explore Pediatric Therapy, stumbled upon our portfolio. She was immediately drawn to the quality and style of our work, recognizing a synergy between our design philosophy and the ethos of her company. In the pediatric therapy field, the appearance of professionalism and transparency on a website cannot be overstated, as these qualities are crucial for building trust with families seeking support for their children. Convinced of our ability to project these essential attributes through a well-crafted website, Kim was eager to engage our services to help showcase her company’s expertise and commitment to caring for the community.

before version of explore pediatric therapy website update.
-Original Explore Pediatric Therapy Website

Our primary objective in designing the website for Explore Pediatric Therapy was to encapsulate the essence of what sets her company apart in the pediatric therapy industry.

We aimed to integrate a fun and nature-based color palette that reflects the outdoor, holistic approach of their services. Our mission extended to meticulously crafting the service pages, ensuring they contained comprehensive information while highlighting the expertise and personalities of the team members. This was designed to personalize her staff and services, fostering a connection between the users and the therapists.

Moreover, we structured the service and program pages to be intuitive and informative, addressing potential questions a user might have and demonstrating the utmost transparency and experience in the field. Our goal was to create a user-friendly experience that not only informed but also conveyed the credibility and specialized knowledge of Explore Pediatric Therapy.


website redesign services for explore pediatric therapy.
The Build

Building a Nature-Inspired Digital Presence: Crafting Explore Pediatric Therapy's Website with WordPress

For the construction of Explore Pediatric Therapy’s website, we opted for the robust and versatile WordPress CMS to provide a stable and user-friendly platform. Our design philosophy centered around creating a natural and inviting atmosphere, which led us to use authentic, real-life photographs that showcase the genuine interactions and breakthroughs happening at Explore Pediatric Therapy. These images play a pivotal role in conveying the essence of their hands-on, outdoor therapy sessions.

To enhance the site’s search engine optimization (SEO), we organized the services offered by Explore Pediatric Therapy. Each service was given its own dedicated page to not only improve searchability but also to provide detailed, targeted content that speaks directly to the needs and inquiries of potential clients. This structure not only aids in higher search engine rankings but also makes it easier for parents and guardians to find the specific information they are looking for, thereby improving user experience and engagement.


Explore Pediatric Therapy's Online Presence Leads to Expanded Clientele and Team Growth

The newly launched website for Explore Pediatric Therapy is now fully responsive, ensuring an optimal viewing experience across all mobile devices. We have also prioritized accessibility, making the site friendly for users with eyesight impairments or color blindness. This inclusive design approach ensures that the website is navigable and usable by everyone, reflecting the company’s commitment to accessibility in all aspects of their service.

Furthermore, our targeted SEO strategies have significantly increased the website’s visibility in search engine results, driving more traffic to the site. This boost in online presence has translated into tangible benefits for Explore Pediatric Therapy, including an influx of new clients. Due to this increased demand for their services, the company is now in the process of expanding their team by hiring additional qualified professionals. This growth not only highlights the success of the website but also enhances their capacity to assist more children and families in need.

The final product is exactly what I was looking for!

website page for E.P.T
Kim DeLaura owner and founder of Explore Pediatric Therapy

The final product is exactly what I was looking for!

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