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Building Success: How Unrivaled K9's New Website Boosted Profits and Dominated Local SEO Rankings

Unrivaled K9 - Website Redesign

Unrivaled K9, located in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, is a leader in canine training, specializing in both personal and professional services. With over a decade of expertise, they are recognized as pioneers in the field within their community. The founder, Mike, an active duty military member, brings a unique blend of discipline and community-focused values to the training programs. Unrivaled K9 is dedicated to fostering the bond between dogs and their owners by delivering exceptional training solutions.

Professional Dog Training & Care
Mike Crowley
expanded layout of unrivaled K9's website

Mike was referred to us by another client, intrigued by the prospect of revamping his website for better SEO and a more modern appearance.

During our discovery call with Mike, we thoroughly discussed his SEO objectives, target locations, and the comprehensive range of services offered by Unrivaled K9. We conducted an in-depth review of his existing website to identify its limitations and highlight elements that resonated with his vision, compared to those that did not. Our conversation pinpointed the need to clearly and effectively showcase his services, ensuring an optimal user experience. We agreed on the importance of a prominent call to action. Additionally, Mike emphasized the necessity for a new feature on his website—a scheduling system that allows clients to easily book and pay for sessions through an integrated eCommerce platform, streamlining the process and enhancing accessibility.

Old Unrivaled K9 website screenshots.
-Original Unrivaled K9 Website

Crafting a Cohesive and Professional Online Presence for Unrivaled K9

Our primary goal was to seamlessly integrate Unrivaled K9’s logo color scheme throughout the website in a clear and tasteful manner, reflecting the brand’s identity. We aimed to enhance organic SEO rankings and user experience by developing dedicated pages for each of Mike’s services. This structure not only helps in categorizing information but also improves search engine visibility.

To mirror Mike’s professionalism and expertise in the dog training industry, we focused on creating a cohesive and professional feel across the entire site. The design elements and layout were chosen to parallel the precision and discipline Mike brings to his dog training, ensuring that the website itself is a testament to the quality and professionalism of Unrivaled K9. This approach not only reinforces the brand’s message but also makes it easier for clients to navigate and utilize the services offered, including the new scheduling and payment features.

The Build

Building a Targeted and Optimized Online Platform for Unrivaled K9

For the construction of the Unrivaled K9 website, we chose WordPress CMS due to its user-friendly interface and flexibility, which perfectly suits the needs of Unrivaled K9. Each service offered by Mike is meticulously built out into separate pages, highlighting the distinct processes involved. This detailed approach not only informs visitors about what they can expect from each Unrivaled K9 class but also optimizes each page for SEO and enhances user experience.

We aimed to craft a website that not only stands out aesthetically but also functions as a core tool for driving traffic and increasing revenue for Mike. By integrating carefully selected, specific keywords, we optimized the site’s SEO to target the exact demographics and locations Mike is looking to serve. This strategic keyword placement is designed to draw in direct traffic, connecting potential clients with Unrivaled K9’s specialized dog training services efficiently.


How the New Website Boosted Profits and Rankings for Unrivaled K9

The revamped website for Unrivaled K9 has significantly boosted the company’s profits through its strategic design and SEO enhancements. As a direct result of the new site, Unrivaled K9’s Google rankings have soared, now ranking first for “Elizabeth City’s Best Dog Trainers.” The focused effort on SEO is not just about maintaining this position; we are actively expanding our keyword and geographical targeting to push Unrivaled K9 to the number one spot in various locations across North Carolina.

This enhanced online presence has dramatically increased site traffic, which in turn has propelled the demand for their dog board and training services—now fully booked six months in advance solely through organic reach and precise search query targeting. Mike’s satisfaction with the new website is immense, as it has not only met but exceeded his expectations by catalyzing significant growth for his company.

"I cannot overstate the value that the Art of Media team brought to Unrivaled K9"

"I cannot overstate the value that the Art of Media team brought to Unrivaled K9"

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