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We developed a sleek website for Vvash Mobile Detailing, showcasing their unique detailing packages with a user-friendly design and vibrant visuals for optimal browsing on any device.

Vvash Mobile Detailing - Website Development

Vvash Mobile Detailing is Palm Coast, Florida’s premier detailing service, operating a fleet of mobile vans that deliver top-tier vehicle care right to your doorstep. As an industry leader, Vvash doesn’t just use standard cleaning products; they’ve designed their own proprietary solutions to meet their high standards of excellence. This dedication ensures every detail reflects their commitment to delivering unmatched quality and convenience to their clients.

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Antonio Ferrante
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In our discovery call, Vvash Mobile Detailing outlined their need for a website redesign to clearly showcase services and streamline operations

From our initial discovery call with Vvash Mobile Detailing, their mission was crystal clear: to develop a modern, stylish website that effectively showcases their detailing packages and exemplary work. They emphasized the need for dedicated pages that present upfront pricing clearly and transparently. Additionally, Vvash wanted distinct pages designed specifically to capture leads and include application forms for potential new hires, streamlining the process and enhancing their operational efficiency. This structured approach aimed to reflect their professional ethos and industry leadership.


Our goals for the new Vvash Mobile Detailing website were carefully crafted to reflect the core of their business—washing and detailing vehicles.

We set out to design the site inspired by their logo and coloring, infusing elements that reminded visitors of water, which is central to their service offering. This theme not only emphasized the purity and fluidity essential to their operations but also aimed to project a modern and prestigious feel appropriate for their high-end, luxury car clientele.

To achieve this, we planned to prominently showcase luxury vehicles on the site, reinforcing Vvash’s position as a premier detailing service. Furthermore, we incorporated targeted local SEO strategies to ensure the site ranks prominently in search queries within their service areas, enhancing visibility and attracting local customers directly searching for top-tier detailing services.


Mobile version of the new website built for Vvash Auto Detail company
The Build

Building an efficient and SEO-optimized website for Vvash Mobile Detailing on WordPress

For the construction of the Vvash Mobile Detailing website, we chose the WordPress CMS due to its flexibility and ease of use. This platform allowed us to create a user-friendly interface where Antonio, from Vvash, could easily make minor updates himself, such as adjusting service pricing. This autonomy is crucial for maintaining the site’s relevance and accuracy over time.

We structured the website with dedicated pages for each detailing service offered by Vvash to optimize for positive SEO outcomes. These distinct pages help in ranking each service specifically in search engine results, making it easier for potential customers to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Additionally, we integrated an application form directly into the site to streamline the process of accepting new hire requests, facilitating growth and expansion for their team.

To further enhance user experience and reduce the operational burden on Vvash’s staff, we included a comprehensive FAQ section within each service page. This not only helps in preempting common customer queries but also significantly reduces the volume of inquiry calls, freeing up Vvash’s phone lines for critical communications. This thoughtful construction ensures that the website not only beautifully represents Vvash Mobile Detailing’s brand but also functions efficiently as a business tool.

Logo for Vvash Auto Detailing company out of Palm Coast Florida.

Significant increase in keyword ranking and sales for Vvash Mobile Detailing following the launch of their new WordPress website

Since the launch of the new Vvash Mobile Detailing website in January 2023, the results have been exceptionally positive. Initially, Vvash was not ranking for any keywords, but within just a few months, we have successfully optimized the site to rank for 77 prominent keywords. More impressively, it ranks within the top 3 for the major keywords that are directly related to their industry and specific location in Palm Coast, Florida.

This improved search engine visibility has significantly boosted their sales. The clear, user-friendly design and strategic SEO efforts have not only attracted more local traffic but also increased organic visits. As a direct result of the website’s success, Vvash is continuously expanding, constantly seeking new hires to keep up with the growing demand and extending their range of service locations within the Palm Coast region. The new website has truly transformed their business, proving to be a pivotal step in their expansion and success.

We highly recommend Art of Media Design to every business we encounter.

screenshot of website built for vvash.
website design for vvash mobile detailing showing them washing a car.

We highly recommend Art of Media Design to every business we encounter.

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